Australian Standards Requirements for Welding

Welding is a critical joining component for virtually all structures and requires both correct design and execution, to achieve the necessary level of structural reliability. The presentation will be aimed at the basic knowledge requirements that every structural engineer should possess to be able to design, prescribe and then monitor the execution requirements for welding. 

Welding involves more science and variables than any other industrial process. If codes and standards are not followed, compliance with statutory reqject.

  • Materials change their structure (thus properties) when gets welded.
  • How to verify a change in properties after welding?
  • Can there be defects after welding? If there is a defect, will that satisfy design of having a uniform thickness throughout the cross-section?
  • Can welds be checked for the defects after welding?
  • Can defects be minimised to be acceptable? How?

The full proof welding quality management system will ensure every aspect of welding has been checked and complies with the respective codes and standard.

Event Details
Date: 15 / 11 / 2018
Time: 05:30 pm to 07:30 pm( AEST)
Venue: Engineers Australia – Hawken Auditorium
Level 1, 447 Upper Edward Street
Brisbane Queensland

Speaker: Abhishek Trivedi – Technology Manager, Weld Australia

Abhishek has over 10 years engineering experience in welding, metallurgy, materials and quality assurance, across the oil and gas, nuclear, defence, medical device and construction industries. He has worked across projects for a range of global companies, including some of the Fortune 500.

With a Bachelor of Production Engineering and a Masters of Engineering in Welding Technology, Abhishek also holds certifications in Welding Supervision and Inspection as well as Internal Auditing.

Prior to joining Weld Australia, Abhishek held various positions at CB&I Constructors, including Welding and Quality Engineer at the Wheatstone LNG Project, the Longford Gas Conditioning Plant and at CB&I’s Pinkenba Warehouse in Brisbane. He was also a Welding Engineer at Larsen & Toubro in their heavy engineering division, specialising in nuclear, heavy wall pressure vessels and marine, including submarines and high speed petrol boats.